Kura Karam (chilli and garlic spicy blend)
Banu's Kura Karam Powder (Chilli and Garlic Blend)
Kura Karam (chilli and garlic spicy blend)
Kura Karam Powder Production

Kura Karam (chilli and garlic spicy blend)

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Introducing our newest product KURA KARAM representing one of the State of South-India Andhra Pradesh !!   This is the most sought after, a must have in every household in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh is famous for growing variety of chillies.  Because of the abundance and different heat and flavors of the chillies the region makes variety of chilli blends that is to die for. This is one of them.  When I use to visit my in-laws in Vijayawada and I always returned with kilos of this blend as it had become our go to when we needed that elevated heat and flavor in our dishes. 

Kura means curry/fry and karam means spice. This mix is fiery, yet irresistible chilli powder adds authentic taste to Indian dishes whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. In Andhra it is made with special red chilies from Guntur, the blend is used in every household in every meal every day.

How to use

  • simply stir fry and add this blend at the end and mix it in.
  • add some to any curry while frying the onion and garlic for instant elevation of taste and flavors.
  • sprinkle some on the dal before tempering.
  • deep fry potatoes and sprinkle with some salt.
  • sprinkle on roasted vegetables and meats.
  • make a marination with yoghurt and apply on any protein of your choice.

This can replace your chilli powder as it has the heat, colour and flavors.

Ingredients - three kinds of chilli, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fresh NZ Garlic, turmeric powder, mustard seeds.

Allergen - Mustard seeds.

If you are looking for something that has a good amount of heat (not too much that your taste buds burn off) then this is the blend for you! Give a go I promise you will never reach out to your chilli powder ever!!!



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