Peter Gordon Tastes My Chilli Oil.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of The Kitchen Project, and am incredibly thankful to all mentors including Wendy and Connie. Their guidance and belief in my business has inspired and motivated me to persevere.

When Connie reached out to see if I would be happy to share a jar of my chilli oil, as she was meeting the legendary chef Peter Gordon, the very thought was nerve wrecking. I was very excited by the opportunity. This was the first time a great chef was to taste my products, and I couldn't sleep.

I am so thrilled that Peter Gordon has tried my Chilli Oil and loves it, It's wonderful to know that he will be using it for his own cooking!

Update - so thrilled to say both my chilli oil (medium and hot) is now stocked at Peter's paradise Homeland my dream come true !!!



Peter Gorodon's Chilli Oil Review


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