This is my spice box with 8 boxes.
Masala Box / Spice Tray
Masala Box / Spice Tray
Masala Box / Spice Tray
Masala Box / Spice Tray
Masala Box / Spice Tray
Masala Box / Spice Tray

Masala Box / Spice Tray

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This is my absolute favorite box in the house.  I have in them the most commonly used spice powders, lentil etc.  I don't have to take out 6 jars at any time to do my cooking, I simply open this box and I am all set to start cooking.  I have several during the cooking classes, I would fill it up with fresh ingredients like chopped red onions, grated coconut, grated carrots, coriander, ginger etc., It makes cooking very enjoyable.

It's made out of brushed stainless steel and comes with six (6) compartments to hold a variety of spices. The box is easy to maintain, hygienic and very attractive.

Size specification - 298 x 345 x 70 m/m

This box is unlike the other traditional round masala box, that has small containers needing to be refilled often.  My masala box is designed to store larger quantities of spices of your choice, 

If you choose the filled option then I can fill with any of the following six spices of your choice;

- mustard seeds

- cumin seeds

- chana dal

- urad dal

- turmeric powder

- chilli powder and or

a mixture of whole spices including bay leaf, green and black cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and star anis.  

I love using this for every day cooking as it saves me from digging through my cupboard for spices.

Note - the top lid is like a tray that covers the box well the smell and flavors do stay contained however it is not like a tight lid.

This box makes a great gift to anyone who loves cooking❤️

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