Selection of 4 spice blends.

Selection of Four Must Have Blends

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This set of four will complete your pantry and will help you create all Indian dishes with confidence. Each blend contains individually roasted and ground spices to enhance flavours and extend shelf life. The roasting process allows these blends to be added as a finishing touch to enhance the flavours of your dish.

Curry Powder - for all your dry curries.

Garam Masala - for all your gravy curries.

Tadka masala - a must have for finishing your dal or curry.  Simply temper a few spoons of this powder with some oil and cumin seeds, then add to your dal or curry to bring your dish to the next level.

Tandoori Masala - Great to marinate your veges, tofu, paneer or meat. Add some yoghurt, oil, lemon juice, salt and tandoori masala.  Marinating for as little as 2 hours will deliver a great outcome, overnight is perfect.

Size-200ml jar x 4

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