Jar of Banu's Tandoori Masala.
Jar of Banu's Tandoori Masala.

Tandoori Masala

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Tandoori Masala - simply great to marinate your vegetables, tofu, paneer or meat.

Ingredients; green and black cardamom, fenugreek leaf, turmeric powder, ginger powder, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, coriander, pepper and Kashmiri chilli powder and garam masala.

Allergens - Nutmeg, Mace

This spice mix is vegan / vegetarian friendly, gluten-free, and without any fillers (salt, flour or preservatives). No artificial colors, no nuts. 

Size - 200 ml jar

Storing; room temperature, avoid wet / moist spoon or cross contaminated spoon.  The shelf life of ground spices varies depending on how they are stored.  We recommend storing away from heat, light, moisture, and air. 

How to make a great marinade: for 500 grams of meat / veges / paneer /tofu

1.  add 1/2 cup of plain yogurt

2.  1 tbsp of oil of your choice

3.  2 tsp of gram flour

4.  1/2 lemon juice (optional)

5.  salt to taste

6.  1 - 1.25 tbsp of tandoori masala.

Mix with your hands, add the protein or veges and cover.

* marinating for as little as 2 hours will deliver a great outcome, overnight for protein is perfect.

you can either barbecue, pan sear or bake the marinated protein/ veges which makes a great starter.  Add some diced red onions, firm tomatoes and green capsicum to a scraper brush with some hot butter and serve.


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