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Banu's fragrant HOT chilli oil is sure to add plenty of spice and flavour to anything you make.  Simply drizzle on anything you are having, or use it for your stir fries, fried rice, omelet just anything.  This is a must have condiment!. Makes a fantastic gift of your chilli loving friend or family member.

The story of how Banu discovered this product is very interesting, feel free to read here.

Ingredients: red dried chillies, NZ garlic, salt, peanuts, sesame seeds and roasted sesame oil.

Allergens: Peanuts, sesame seeds and oil.

Free from: seafood, msg, palm oil, preservatives, vinegar, gluten, soy, artificial colors and sugar.

It is vegan/vegetarian friendly.

Storing; room temperature, avoid wet / moist spoon or cross contaminated spoon.

If you are allergic to peanuts and are missing out on tasting this award-winning product, do not worry, reach out to us we will make some for you without them.


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